Leftists dishonor GMA with “National Escape Artist award”

Leftists dishonor GMA with “National Escape Artist award”

The public information officer of the left-leaning fisherfolk alliance Pambansang Lakas ng Kilusang Mamamalakaya ng Pilipinas (Pamalakaya) on Saturday joined the National Artist Award row by dishonoring President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo the “National Escape Artist award”

The award according to Pamalakaya information officer Gerry Albert Corpuz the “National Escape Artist Award” to Ms Arroyo was meant to emphasize the President was largely engaged and involved in political witchcraft in the name of political accommodation and payoffs to loyalists and royalists of her administration.

“The National Escape Artist award is meant to underscore and assail Arroyo’s evil practices and syndicated acts in defrauding the Filipino public like what happened in the 2004 presidential elections, and currently the Palace dubious selection of this year’s National Artists and its persistent move to include its own lapdogs in the selection of new justices that will compose the 15-man Supreme Court despite the protest lodged by the Judicial Bar Council, the constitutionally mandated selection body,” Corpuz said.

“Escape artists usually amaze, amuse and entertain people, but not in the case of Mrs. Arroyo because she is a different breed. She is the kind of national escape artist who will sell her soul to the devil and who will try to evade everything including due processes and disregard of constitutionally mandated bodies just to get her desired results in the name of political payoffs and political accommodation,” the Pamalakaya spokesperson added.

“The fiasco in the selection of national artists and the appointment of new justices to the Supreme Court reflect what kind of national escape artist she is in extreme sense,” Corpuz stressed.

Pamalakaya said Arroyo’s policy of political accommodation in the selection of this year’s National Artists awardees should be blamed, and the awardees both past and current awardees should single out Arroyo for promoting disunity and hatred among the country’s artists.

The militant group said as a national escape artist President Arroyo was able to produce a whopping $ 20,000 it spent while dining in Le Cirque Restaurant in New York during her recent meeting with US President Barack Obama in the United States.

News of the lavish dinner spending came in out in the August 7 edition of the New York Post. According to writer Richard Johnson, “the economic downturn hasn’t persuaded everyone to pinch pennies.

The short article which appeared in the page six of the New York Post online edition said “ Philippines President Maria Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was at Le Cirque the other night with a large entourage enjoying the good life, even though the former comptroller of her country’s armed services, Carlos Garcia, was found guilty earlier this year of per jury and two of his sons were arrested in the US on bulk cash-smuggling charges. Macapagal-Arroyo ordered several bottles of very expensive wine, pushing the dinner tab up to $20,000.”

“Mrs. Arroyo, the national escape artist amazed and awed her entourage with the 20,000 US dollar dinner at La Cirque Restaurant. Everyone in the Arroyo entourage became New Yorkers with the lavish feast,” said Pamalakaya. #


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