Navy colonel statement based on solid grounds

MANILA, Philippines- “Navy Colonel Generoso Mariano’s statements regarding the Aquino government are on solid grounds”.
The acrtivist labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU-May First Movement) said Col. Mariano was making a time appeal for critical thinking among Filipinos and the population should always be warned fo sweet-talking liars and by statistics that run counter to reality.
“When he said that the government is incapable of helping the people to escape poverty and death, he is merely expressing the growing sentiment of the Filipino workers and people towards the Aquino government,” the KMU said in a statement of support to belaguered marine officer.

Roger Saluta, KMU secrretary general said, “let us recall that the people in Malacañang are the ones who were calling for military actions against Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The fact that the Aquino regime is now worried over calls to change the government is proof that it has not really differentiated itself from the Arroyo regime”.

The labor leader said the Aquino government has not made significant departures from Gloria’s policies. It has not made significant changes on the socio-economic situation of the poor. That is why it is worried over the statements of a Marine official about changing the government.

Saluta added that the Palace’s immediate association of Colonel Mariano with Gloria is a sign of the Aquino regime’s panic and paranoia similar to that which hounded the Arroyo regime.

“We worry, however, that when Mariano spoke of changing the government, he meant installing a right-wing and militarist government, one whose “development” policies are buttressed by political repression. We reject and will oppose attempts to install such a government,” the KMU official stressed.
However, Philippine Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said the oust President Aquino call made by Col. Mariano was part of the regrouping activity being done by the camp of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

In an interview with the leadng broadsheet the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the former rebel soldier turned Senator said Mariano’s statement was not reflective of the sentimennts of the majority in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Trillanes said the videotaped statement should be take by Palace security personnels as wake up call to President Aquino. According to Trillanes, supporters of Mrs. Arroyo are regrouping to regain power.
Palace spokespersons are quick to dismiss the political impact of Mariano’s statement, with one of them dismissing the videotaped statement as nothing but motherhood statement.

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