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JPE told: “Remember June 8, 1989”

By Bb. Joyce Cabral and Viva Regala-Alonzo

Manila, Philippines-

Supporters of striking Hacienda Luisita farmworkers commemorated the 5th year anniversary of Luisita massacre

Two militant groups supporting the striking farmworkers of Hacienda Luisita on Saturday reminded Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile that on June 8, 1989, the senator, then Senate Minority Leader of the Corazon Aquino controlled Senate delivered a privilege speech questioning the late President Aquino’s insertion of Stock Distribution Option (SDO) in her outline for the land reform law.

In a joint press statement, the Hacienda Luisita based Unyon ng mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura (UMA) and the left-leaning fisherfolk alliance Pambansang Lakas ng Kilusang Mamamalakaya ng Pilipinas (Pamalakaya) said 21 years ago, Sen. Enrile accused former President Aquino of usurping powers by signing Executive Order No. 229 to preside over the Presidential Agrarian Reform Council (PARC), the body that placed and approved to place the 6,453-hectare Hacienda Luisita under the SDO scheme.

“Will the Senate leadership under the Enrile presidency find time to re-open the long-running story of Hacienda Luisita and the controversial SDO in the name of farmers’ right to land and social justice? Is there a guarantee from Enrile that he will re-open the still unresolved cases and issues surrounding the sugar estate of the Cojuangco-Aquino family upon the request of Luisita farm workers?” the groups said in their joint statement.

In his speech, Enrile, then Senate Minority Floor Leader assailed the Aquino presidency for withdrawing the government case against owners of Hacienda Luisita, adding that the Arroyo presidency circumvent land reform to stay control of Hacienda Luisita.

“It is about time to re-open the Hacienda Luisita case. It will be moral and politically upright to have this case closed ahead of the 2010 elections with the free distribution of lands to 8,000 farmer beneficiaries and the punishment of those involved in the Nov.16, 2004 Hacienda Luisita massacre,” said UMA spokesperson Lito Bais.

Bais noticed that presidential and senatorial candidates are exploiting the controversial C-5 road double insertion issue to gain media mileage and public attention for the advancement of their respective electoral chances and futures in the May 2010 polls, while on the other hand had deliberately ignored the demand of Hacienda Luisita workers to re-open the Hacienda Luisita agrarian dispute, including the still unresolved Nov.16, 2004 massacre that claimed 7 lives of farmworkers and injuring more than 100 others.

Last week, 10, 000 farmers and Manila-based activists who took part in rally at Mendiola posed this question to presidential candidates, except Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer Sen. Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III: “How do you solve a problem like Hacienda Luisita.”

Pamalakaya national chair Fernando Hicap scored Senator Aquino for treating the Mendiola Massacre a closed case, asserting that the perpetrators of the Mendiola and Hacienda Luisita massacres remain unpunished and free.

“Political arrogance becomes Noynoy. This guy is closet dictator passing himself off as a liberal politician,” he added.

The Pamalakaya leader lamented that Noynoy believes Hacienda Luisita is God’s gift to Cojuangco-Aquino clan, and therefore only God can take it back from them.

The United Luisita Workers Union (ULWU) said the Cojuangco-Aquino clan is relying on the strength of Stock Distribution Option (SDO) scheme to prevent the free land distribution of the 6,453 hectare sugar estate to some 8,000 farmer beneficiaries. ULWU acting president Lito Bais said the SDO which transformed farmworkers into nominal stockholders, also compelled Luisita workers to accept the P9.50 net pay daily. #


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Luisita workers asked Supreme Court to cite Cojuangcos, RCBC for contempt

By Jayjay Jaiho, contributor

Tarlac City, Tarlac- Striking farmworkers in the 6,453-hectare Hacienda Luisita sugar estate owned by the family of the late President Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino today asked the Supreme Court to cite in contempt the Cojuangcos and management officials of Luisita Estate Management (LEM) and Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) for violating the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) issued by the high tribunal.

In the TRO issued by the high court on June 14, 2006, the SC called for a status quo between the Luisita management and the farmers stating that no action should be taken regarding the used or selling of the disputed sugar lands in Hacienda Luisita as long as the legal issues are not been resolved like the Stock Distribution Option (SDO) which the Presidential Agrarian Reform Council (PARC) had recommended to be revoked to pave way for the immediate distribution of the Cojuangco sugar estate to farm workers and other qualified agrarian reform beneficiaries.

But Luisita workers leader Lito Bais, spokesperson of Unyon ng mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura (UMA) and acting chair of United Luisita Workers Union (ULWU) asserted that the Cojuangcos and RCBC blatantly violated the status quo and should be cited in contempt of court when LEM allowed the foreclosure of the 170 hectares of Luisita land by the commercial bank, which he said was a covert ops or a syndicated move by the Cojuangcos to regain hold of the disputed land.

The acting ULWU chair added that “Luisita Estate Management had no legal and moral rights to dip into the issue because they are not one of the party involved. LEM should stay away from our issue, we think that this shadow management created by no other less by the Cojuangco family to brought confusion among Luisita farmers and to sabotage our legitimate fight which is the distribution of land to bonafide farm worker”.

September last year, RCBC started putting up fences on the 170 hectares located in Barangay Balete. The RCBC representative said that this farm lot had been foreclosed as payment for the Cojuangco’s debt. At first they hired the farmers to put fences not saying its real purpose, and then we learned later that RCBC has already owned the land we planned to cultivate”.

“We think this move of RCBC is in cahoots with the LEM’s attempt of persuading Luisita farmers to engage in an non antagonistic tactic creating a convincing environment that the Cojuangco’s will not going reclaim the land to them. But this is the same LEM that issued a memo dating December 2008 which is threatening Luisita farm workers to vacate the lands that they cultivated after the infamous Hacienda Luisita massacre,” added Bais.

“It seems that they changed tactics knowing that the Luisita farmers will not be cowed over their memo… In fact right after RCBC put up the fence, LEM release a statement through “Balitaan sa Luisita”, the management publication bannering series of dialogues between them and the farm beneficiaries in different barangays whereas the farmers are agreeing on land use program’ Bais stressed.

He also said that ‘If we traced back the statements of presidential wannabe Noynoy Aquino, their family are having a hard time coping on Luisita’s expenses that is why they’re considering the selling of the former sugar land state. On our part, as “co-owner” we think on what Noynoy, the LEM creation and RCBC move is part of a grand dubious scheme design to reclaim the lands that we painstakingly fought with our sweat and blood.

ULWU and UMA also received a report that Hacienda Luisita Incorporated will be dissolved in lieu to the creation of LEM. According to Atty. Jobert Pahilga, the lead counsel of Luisita workers, in order to legalize LEM, the Cojuangco’s will also seek the approval of the Department of Agrarian Reform.

“And if HLI will be dissolved, Stock Distribution Option will be implemented no more. Thus automatic distribution of the what is left to be distributed in accordance with Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program’s provision,” said Pahilga.

While asking the high tribunal to immediately cite the Cojuangcos and RCBC in direct contempt of court, UMA and ULWU said it would be better if the SC will lift the TRO, affirmed the decision of PARC to revoke the SDO and allow the immediate, unconditional and free distribution of Hacienda Luisita to some 8,000 agrarian reform beneficiaries.

“The TRO is prolonging the agony of agrarian reform beneficiaries inside Hacienda Luisita.

The Supreme Court is legally, morally and politically mandated to carry out the cause for agrarian justice and social emancipation. However, the TRO it issued last June 14, 2006 counters this mandate at the expense of landless farmworkers,” the groups said.

The high court issued a TRO instructing PARC and Agrarian Reform Secretary Nasser Pangandaman to refrain from distributing Hacienda Luisita lands to farmworker beneficiaries.

The SC Third Division also ordered the Hacienda Luisita Incorporated to post a cash bond of P 5 million for the TRO.
The TRO came from the petition filed by HLI questioning PARC resolution No.2005-32-10 dated Dec.22, 2005 upholding the decision of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) to revoke the Stock Distribution Option (SDO) plan of the Hacienda Luisita management.

The PARC also ruled to place the entire Hacienda Luisita estate under compulsory acquisition, earmarking some P 15-billion for the acquisition of the sugar estate own by the family for ex-President Aquino. #

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50 vehicle caravan off to Tarlac to remember 5th anniversary of Luisita massacre

By Roy Morilla and Jay Calaguing, contributors

Manila, Philippines-Supporters of Hacienda Luisita farmworkers will stage a 50-vehicle caravan on November 16 to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Hacienda Luisita massacre and affirmed their support to the struggle of striking agricultural workers for land, jobs and justice.

In a press statement sent by caravan sponsors Anakpawis party list, Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU), Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP), United Luisita Workers Union (ULWU), Alyansa ng Mga Manggagawang Bukid sa Asyenda Luisita (Ambala) and Unyon ng Mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura (UMA), two of event organizers— Danilo Ramos, secretary general of KMP and Anakpawis secretary general Cherry Clemente said Manila-based activists will also banner the urgent call for the immediate, unconditional and free distribution of 6,453 hectare sugar estate, which they said was lawfully and morally owned by farm workers of Hacienda Luisita.

“Hacienda Luisita belongs to Hacienda Luisita farm workers. Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and the Cojuangcos have no option but to relinquish the hacienda to the collective ownership and effective control of agricultural workers,” organizers said in a joint statement.

The KMP and Anakpawis leaders said Sen. Aquino, standard bearer of the Liberal Party in the 2010 presidential elections and son of the late former President Corazon Aquino should accept the fact that historically and lawfully speaking, the Hacienda Luisita is legitimately owned by the tilling and hardworking people of the hacienda.

“Sen. Aquino should learn the history of Hacienda Luisita and stop making the usual run-around and quit from displaying that patented pa-tweetum politics. It is time for the Cojuangco family to say goodbye to the sprawling 6,453 hectare sugar estate that does not really belong them and the Cojuangcos acquired the hacienda through dubious, manipulative and coercive means,” they said.

The KMP and Anakpawis said the caravan will mark a political statement that will oblige the Cojuangcos and their presidential frontrunner- Noynoy, to squarely face the issues involving Hacienda Luisita including but not limited to the free distribution of land and the punishment of government officials and state security forces implicated in violent dispersal of striking workers that killed 7 striking workers, injured 200 other farmworkers and arrested 120 agricultural workers and activist supporters on Nov.16, 2004.

Anakpawis’ Clemente also said KMU’s fraternal allies abroad, which include labor organizations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, Japan and Australia will also conduct simultaneous solidarity actions on November 16, while regional and provincial chapters of KMP across the country will conduct demonstrations also on the same day to express their support to the struggling agricultural workers of the hacienda.

KMP and Anakpawis likewise criticized Noynoy’s plan to talk to business tycoon Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco. They dismissed the planned meeting with Danding’s group as a brewing compromise on how to divide Hacienda Luisita among members of Cojuangco clan.

“This political flirtation with Danding camp is a no show of promise but a glimpse of what a Noynoy presidency has to offer to the people—which is political accommodation and puppetry to big business,” the militant groups added. #

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GMA gave blessing to massacre five years ago, says Hacienda Luisita supporters

By Roy Morilla, contributor

Manila, Philippines-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was principally liable to the bloody carnage in Hacienda Luisita that left 7 striking workers dead, injured 200 others and the arrest of 120 farm workers and activists on November 16 five years ago.

“Remember Mrs. Arroyo and the Cojuangcos were the best of friends then. In the defense of a political ally, President Arroyo mobilized 1,000 government troops and cops to quell the legitimate strike and pursued the campaign of annihilation in the name of the Cojuangcos and in the name of its rabid anti-Left campaign and incorrigible national security doctrine,” said Lito Bais, spokesperson of Unyon ng Mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura (UMA) and acting president of United Luisita Workers Union (ULWU).

Bais said the Hacienda Luisita massacre was a political accommodation and political reward for the Cojuangcos for supporting President Arroyo’s reelection bid in May 2004 elections, before the two political clans parted ways in 2005 when the Hello Garci election fraud scandal rocked the Arroyo administration.

The agricultural labor leader recalled that Labor Secretary Patricia Sto. Tomas ordered the violent dispersal of striking farmworkers on Nov.16 on behalf of the Cojuangco family through the much abused pro-landlord and pro-capitalist tool known as Assumption of Jurisdiction (AJ). Bais said the order was echoed by spokesperson of Hacienda Luisita management to justify the bloody massacre as a “legitimate exercise of state power,” saying the work stoppage was “illegal and left-inspired.

On Nov. 6, 2004, farm workers went on strike and demanded the reinstatement of some 327 unionists, including nine union leaders, who were fired ten days earlier by the management of the hacienda and the sugar mill –Central Azucarera de Tarlac (CAT).

This morning, some 50 supporters of Hacienda Luisita farmworkers identified with the activist peasant group Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) and Anakpawis party list trooped to Mendiola Bridge in Manila to begin the 10-day commemoration of the Hacienda Luisita massacre.

KMP secretary general Danilo Ramos and Anakpawis secretary general Cherry Clemente led activists in lighting candles, offered prayers and delivered fiery speeches in the memory of Hacienda Luisita massacre victims.

Both leaders declared that Hacienda Luisita belongs to Hacienda Luisita farm workers and that is about time the Cojuangco family relinquish the hacienda to the collective and effective control of farm workers.

The KMP and Anakpawis leaders told Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, standard bearer of the Liberal Party in the 2010 presidential elections and son of the late former President Corazon Aquino should accept the fact that historically and lawfully, the Hacienda Luisita which his family refused to yield to farmworkers belongs to the collective ownership of hacienda workers and its transfer to farm workers is nearly a century overdue.

“Sen. Aquino should learn the history of Hacienda Luisita and stop making the usual run-around. It is time for the Aquino family to say goodbye to the sprawling 6,453 hectare sugar estate that does not really belong them and was acquired through dubious, manipulative and coercive means,” both said in a joint statement.

On December 18, 2008, the Hacienda Luisita Management signed by Hernan M. Gregorio, Jr. — assistant Estate Manager of HLI imposed a deadline to farm workers that they only have up to October 30, 2009 to harvest and finish all land cultivation activities inside the hacienda. But later the management denied that such eviction order exists, and clarified that was issued was an order asking farmworkers to enlist on or before Nov.15 for proper identification of Hacienda Luisita workforce and agrarian reform beneficiaries

In response to the Oct. 30 deadline, some 50 supporters of Hacienda Luisita farm workers issued their own cease and desist order against the management and delivered their notice to the Cojuangco business building in Makati City.

In their two-page cease and desist order, KMP and UMA declared the Hacienda Luisita Oct.30 deadline null and void, immoral, unlawful and fatally flawed.

Hacienda Luisita has been under stock distribution scheme since the implementation of CARP in 1991 during the Aquino administration, which the groups said superficially, classified the farmer-beneficiaries as “stock-holders. KMP and UMA said the SDO commenced with the massive land use conversion (LUCs) that left only about 3,200 hectares of agricultural lands from the original 7,500 hectares in 1958. #


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Hacienda Luisita farmers defy Oct.30 deadline

By Roy Morilla, Jay Calaguing and Ms Gigi Babon

Manila, Philippines- The militant Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP, Peasant Movement of the Philippines ) and farmworkers inside the 6,453 hectare sugar estate of Hacienda Luisita announced on Thursday that they will defy the October 30 deadline imposed by the management stopping farm workers from cultivating the lands.

The KMP and the Hacienda wide groups United Luisita Workers’ Union (Ulwu) and Alyansa ng Manggagawang Bukid sa Asyenda Luisita (Ambala) said they beefing up their forces as they anticipate displacement measures of the Hacienda Luisita, Inc.

On call

“We are on-call starting today as October 30 nears. It is the deadline set by the Hacienda Luisita, Inc. (HLI) on their letter to the agri-workers dated December 18, 2008 for them to leave the lands inside the hacienda. We believe that this letter is immoral, unjust and illegal as the case of Hacienda Luisita is at the Supreme Court, which means, they have no right to implement such order,” said KMP Secretary-General Danilo Ramos in a press conference today in Quezon City .

The letter signed by a certain Hernan M. Gregorio, Jr., claiming to be Assistant Estate Manager of HLI said that by the said deadline, farmers could have recover the costs they invested in cultivating the lands.

On the contrary, Ulwu and Ambala members have affirmed of no plans of discontinuing cultivation and said that the Cojuangcos’ only cling to the lands is a desperate Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) issued by the Supreme Court against the order of the Presidential Agrarian Reform Council (PARC) and Dept. of Agrarian Reform (DAR) revocating the Stock Distribution Option (SDO).

“The only obvious measure that has come out of the Hacienda Luisita struggle is the immediate and free distribution of lands to the agri-workers, ” added Ramos.

Stock distribution option

Hacienda Luisita has been under SDO since the implementation of CARP in 1991 during President Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino’ s regime which superficially classified the farmer-beneficiarie s as “stock-holders. ” History has shown that the Cojuangcos’ have no plans of distributing the lands to agri-workers instead they have commenced with the massive land use conversion (LUCs) that left only about 3,200 hectares of agricultural lands from the original 7,500 hectares in 1958.

The Cojuangcos have implemented LUCs without consultation to “co-owners” farmer-beneficiarie s, which led to the construction of Luisita Golf and Country Club, Las Haciendas Industrial Subdivision, Luisita Industrial Farm, Family Park Homes Subdivision, Don Pepe Cojuangco Subdivision, St. Luis Subdivision, a 500-hectare Central Techno Park and 66 hectare for Subic-Clark- Tarlac Expressway (Sctex).

“Stock Distribution Option (SDO) has been proven clearly to be useless for the agri-workers of Hacienda Luisita. It has caused poverty and misery, such as the daily take-home pay of P9.50. Thus, SDO and the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) has been futile against the Cojuangcos’ landlord control of the lands,” said Ramos.

As massive LUCs reduced lands to be worked on by agri-workers, workload or man-days have been reduced and massive retrenchment and forced retirements have been implemented by HLI. As the economic well-being of the agri-workers are threatened by Cojuangcos’ management, they were compelled to launch a full-size strike on November 6, 2004 and followed the Hacienda Luisita massacre on November 16 which killed 7 striking agri-workers.

“There is no question the CARP which is now CARP Extension with `Reforms’ (Carper) has betrayed the agri-workers and veered away from genuine land reform. Thus, Hacienda Luisita agri-workers are calling for the immediate and free distribution of lands and the junking of Carper which we believe would be used by the Cojuangcos’ to displace agri-workers, ” said Ramos.

“The HLI letter was dated December 18 last year, which we believe prepared in anticipation of the passage of Carper, instead Congress passed the Joint Resolution No. 1. While Carper was signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on August 7, we believe that the Cojuangcos’ would revive coverage of the Hacienda Luisita lands to escape distribution, ” Ramos said.

Challenge to Noynoy

The group is also demanding Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to act decisively in favor of the agri-workers. Sen. Aquino has claimed that he has only 1/32 control of the HLI and hinted that his family would “leave” the hacienda.

“As of now, we are still waiting for Sen. Aquino to do the right thing, which is to convince his family to distribute the lands to the legitimate owners, the agri-workers who developed it. As he is running for president, being indecisive and favoring his family’s vested interest are not of the qualities the Filipino people would want for a president, actually the people would hate that,” said Ramos.

KMP also reminded that there is still no justice for the victims of the Hacienda Luisita massacre. To date, the Cojuangcos were involved in two historical massacres killing Filipino peasants calling for genuine land reform, the first was the Mendiola Massacre on January 22, 1987 during President Aquino’s term.

“Sen. Aquino is facing a heavy roadblock on the issue of Hacienda Luisita, his inaction on the issue of land and justice would totally lead to his loss on the presidential elections. The issue of Hacienda Luisita would not wither away, he should act determined and for the interest of the poor peasants, actually the whole country even the world is on watch on the issue,” said Ramos.

Classic model

KMP with Ulwu, Ambala and Unyon ng mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura (Uma) would be commemorating the anniversary of the Hacienda Luisita massacre on November 16. They would be launching a series of action, set off by a protest action at the Jose Cojuangco and Sons Building in Makati on October 30, to oppose the issued deadline for the agri-workers.

This would be followed by another protest action in Mendiola on November 6, to call for the junking of Carper and condemn the Arroyo administration for inaction on the issue. On November 16, the group would join to the thousand-strong caravan headed for Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac.

“Hacienda Luisita is a classic model of landlessness in the country, also of the determined struggle of peasants for genuine land reform, thus, we are calling on all sectors to support the struggle of agri-workers. Social justice and fundamental reform in Hacienda Luisita would precede reforms in the country,” called Ramos.#

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Presence of RCBC inside Hacienda Luisita, a puzzle, says sugar workers’ group

Presence of RCBC inside Hacienda Luisita, a puzzle, says sugar workers’ group

Sugar worker groups Unyon ng mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura (UMA) and the United Luisita Workers Union (ULWU) on Thursday said they were puzzled with the presence of security guards employed by Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) inside the 6,453-hectare sugar estate Hacienda Luisita owned by the family of former President Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino.

According to UMA information officer Jay Calaguing, the RCBC took over 20 hectares in Barangay Cut-Cut and the commercial bank had been telling the people that the 20-hectares were foreclosed because of the Cojuangco’s failure to pay their debts to RCBC.

Calaguing said the RCBC detailed a security unit preventing the people to cultivate the lands up to 100 hectares in the boundary of Barangay Cut-Cut and Texas.

The UMA information officer added that aside from RCBC, several banks have also filed petitions questioning the bungkalan campaign of sugar workers and poor farmers inside Hacienda Luisita so they could appropriate the sugar lands inside the Cojuangco estate as payments for the Cojuangco’s existing debts with them.

“Something fishy is going on. This is part of the sinister plot to stop the sugar workers and poor farmers from reclaiming their land rights to Hacienda Luisita lands. All kinds of maneuvers are being orchestrated by the Cojuangco family to stop the campaign for land, food and justice,” Calaguing said.

The 6,453-hectare Hacienda Luisita was exempted from distribution under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP). Instead, the sprawling sugar estate was placed under the Stock Distribution Option (SDO), a non-land transfer scheme, which converted sugar workers into stock holders and daily workers receiving P 9.50 per day without any share in the gross sales.

Calaguing said Hacienda Luisita farmworkers continue to cultivate more than 1,800 hectares of the hotly disputed sugar estate outside the framework of the 20-year old CARP, whom he said was bogus, bankrupt, pro-landlord and anti-farmer.

“The key to this success story is the determination of Hacienda Luisita farmworkers to challenge and fight the Stock Distribution Option scheme legitimized by the bogus CARP. Now, the farmworkers and poor farmers of Hacienda Luisita are reaping the fruits of their labor,” he said.

“The farmworkers and poor farmers are planting various crops in more than 1,800 hectare occupied by farmworkers like rice and vegetables. We are encouraging more farmers to join and form themselves into cooperation units to be able to cover other hectares for their livelihood. This is peasant class power in full swing,” UMA said.

UMA said the current “bungkalan” campaign has already benefited 838 families or roughly 1,676 individuals spread in the barangays of Malapacsiao (244.5 hectares), Asturias (209.93 hectares), Bantog (258 hectares), Cut-Cut (275.9 hectares), Balite (153.4 hectares), Mutrico (248 hectares), Pando (163 hectares), Texas (140 hectares), Pasajes (60 hectares) and Parang (51.5 hectares).

On the other hand, UMA is also supporting the passage of Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill (GARB) or House Bill 3059 authored by the late Anakpawis party list Rep. Crispin Beltran and co-authored by his successor Anakpawis party list Rep. Rafael Mariano, Bayan Muna party list Reps. Satur Ocampo and Teddy Casiño and Gabriela Party list Reps. Liza Maza and Luzviminda Ilagan.

Under GARB, Hacienda Luisita will be distributed for free to farmworkers and poor farmers and with guaranteed security of tenure and strong support mechanisms to make the 6,453 sugar estate productive and responsive to the need of farmworkers, poor farmers and the Filipino public in general. #

Pamalakaya activists done their patended swim protest against the bogus land reform program and demanded the passage of a progressive land reform law

Pamalakaya activists done their patended swim protest against the bogus land reform program and demanded the passage of a progressive land reform law

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